What makes Abhishek Chaudhary truly elegant in his endeavors is he injects soul into the music, making it human but other-worldly at the same time…. – Jamsphere

A really fantastic, captivating set of songs and sparkling performances…if you love THICK, RICH and seriously-FANTASMICAL (that’s right I said it) atmospheres with a layer of frost, mist and mystery within their musical-bones…… – Jer@SBS


Abhishek Chaudhary is a Singer/Songwriter & Music Producer from New Delhi, IN. With his passionate & charismatic songwriting skills, Abhishek Chaudhary’s music feels genuine, honest and personal, boasting a sound that is effortlessly diverse and organic.

His songs deliver smooth and tranquil textures that embrace your mind right away! Almost brainwashing you to enjoy a delicate moment with your inner self. With his compelling hooks and memorable melodies, Abhi takes an emotional approach to his songwriting, which comes shining through most of his songs.

In addition to having a collection of uniformly outstanding songs, Abhi arranges & produces his songs in an order that encourages an uninterrupted listen from beginning to end. He has somehow managed to develop a signature sound that falls somewhere in between the intimacy of alternative rock, world music and new age.

With great melodies, unforgettable hooks and thought-provoking lyrics, he believes it’s all about connecting to the listeners.



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iTunes:  Aaj Bhi  Echoes at Taj